When Words Don’t Work

IMG_9935When words don’t work you stand there awkwardly and don’t know what to do. When words don’t work you silently pray in your head for God to intervene. When words don’t work you hug it out. When words don’t work you listen.







These are only some of the words to describe what this week has been. What do you say when a 13 year old takes her own life? What do you say to those who loved her? How do you love them when words don’t work? You just be. Your presence shows your love. Folding laundry. Sweeping floors. Washing dishes. Walking the dog.

You know what sucks the most? You can’t take the pain away. You can’t take away the loss. You can’t change the situation. So many times this week I have wanted to be the one who experienced the loss because it hurts that much to see them all in pain. It hurts to see those I love hurting. I have prayed. I have cried out to God many times asking why? Why would this happen? Why, God, why?

No matter what I say, it will never be enough. It will never change what happened. All I can do is love. I can love not only them, but others as well. I will do everything I can to prevent this from happening to others. It is preventable.

Have that “one more” conversation. Give that hug even though it’s awkward. Speak that encouraging thing. Don’t let an opportunity pass you by to possibly save a life.

And know this: there is a way through the pain. Ending it all is not the solution. There is hope because God is alive. He can bring peace and love and restoration to you. He can give you all you need. Please reach out for help. Don’t ever give up!


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