Yes, I know my last three posts have all been about football, but it’s Super Bowl week so give me a break! Also, this one deals with football, but a different aspect of it. If you watched the pregame festivities, you would have seen former U.S. President George H.W. Bush perform the coin toss. Not only do I simply love the man and his wife, Barbara, but the journey to simply be at the game was not an easy one.

They were both released from the hospital earlier this week. George was diagnosed with pneumonia and Barbara was diagnosed with bronchitis. With both of them being in their 90s, simply overcoming these illnesses is a major feat, but then making a public appearance takes it all to the next level. The pure joy that was on both of their faces was amazing. He was so excited to toss the coin and she was so excited for him. The love between the two of them is unmistakable. She even stayed an extra night in the hospital so she could be close to him. After 72 years of marriage, I guess it would be strange to not sleep near your husband, but it takes a lot to voluntarily stay an extra night in the hospital.

All in all, I was excited and grateful to see Mr. and Mrs. Bush out there. I grew up after he was in office, but I was able to see him during his son’s presidency. He’s a funny guy with a great sense of humor (maybe a Texas thing?). He loves his family, his country, sports, and so many other things that just show how great of a man he is. HE is a man of integrity, respect, and loyalty and his wife is no different. He has been through a lot medically in the last few years, but every time he seems to come roaring  back. Thank you George and Barbara for your service to our country and the very special moment you provided during Super Bowl LI. America loves you!


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