Broken Clavicle = Fan Hatred?

This past Sunday, Tony Romo was injured in the Dallas Cowboys victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. It turns out that he broke his left clavicle in the third quarter of the game. This is a very devastating injury for the Cowboys to incur, but that is not the focus of this post. You can say that Romo is not the most well liked player in the National Football League. Many have referred to him as a choker and one who has trouble when the pressure is really on. Those things have proven to be pretty accurate, but there has been improvement over the years. Fans are very critical of Romo’s every play. One interception and there is a meme on Facebook almost immediately. You either love the Cowboys or you hate them. There is no in between. I say this to take a look at the reactions from different football fans when Romo went down with his injury.

I had not been watching the game, but my dad texted me and told me that Romo had been injured. After this I was frantically awaiting the results of the tests they were performing. I was praying and hoping for the best, but that was obviously not the outcome. After I heard the official diagnosis, I was scrolling through different articles and Facebook posts, specifically focusing on the comments that people were making. I was very surprised to see so much hatred, yet so much love at the same time. There were two opposite ends of the spectrum present. Obviously all the Cowboys fans were upset and wondering what was to become of the rest of their season, but it was the fans of other teams that shocked me. Some of them stated they were a fan of some other team and they were praying for him. They were saying that you never want to see a player get hurt no matter who it is. Then the opposite side of that was people who were glad to see Romo injured. They rejoiced in his time of “mourning” which is horrible. Being a Cowboys fan, you always expect people are going to hate on your team. It is just something that comes with being a fan, but the fact that someone rejoices when another human being is injured is not okay by any means. Matthew 5:44 says to love your enemies. It is our human nature to hate them, but God has commanded us to love them. This story about Romo haters is interesting and different, but it does not matter if it is sports or something else, you should always love your neighbors. If you can’t do it during a game, then are you really going to be able to do it in “real life”?


2 thoughts on “Broken Clavicle = Fan Hatred?

  1. I hate to see anyone get hurt but I think the problem is that sometimes we forget that football players are real people. It’s wrong for anyone to rejoice in someone else’s pain even if they don’t like them. I hope Romo feels better soon and even though they lost today, the Cowboy’s did a really good job covering for him.
    P.S I don’t like the Cowboys but I don’t mind when they win because it makes you happy…unless they are playing the Broncos.


  2. Thank you for sharing! is there anything on the reaction that Romo had? I would assume that he wants to take some time off and heal, or is there anything that will lead him to siting out for a long time? – Reading your blog, I felt the same way you did, no person should be happy for another person’s pain. – I personally think that such personal issues like the one that Romo went thought should be taken care of in a more professional manner. In the sense that I think they should not say anything until maybe after the game is over because when announcements are made during the game, i feel that it takes attention away from the game and people go crazy commenting on what they think.


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